My anti-drinking-and-driving message is dedicated to my brother Brad, who inspires me to face life’s realities every day.  Not everyone has a perfect life. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that even the person you think might “have it all” actually doesn’t. I’m the perfect example of this. Three years ago, I lost my brother in a drinking-and-driving crash. Brad was 18 years old. People are supposed to die of old age, not from a liquid drug out of a bottle. Like any other death, this was unimaginable and extremely hard to deal with. I’ll never get over the loss, but I have learned ways to cope with it. [Shelley Hennig]


Don’t you worry, I’ll take care of you. I’ve been here a whole month and i know the place inside and out. You CAN count on C H U C K, okay?

"Everything is going to change."

The Maze Runner - September 19, 2014

I saw Dylan O’Brien last night: laughing adorably edition


i have to ask you about your last tweet..about your pillow?