If you can erase one embarrassing moment from your life to date, what would it be?

Int: “If you were stuck in the glade with any celebrity in the world, who would it be and why?

"So let’s say our bloody goodbyes, and then you can promise to remember me from my good old days."

"I can’t do that," Minho said.



#don’t even with me #3b was just constant tears #also can we talk about how Scott is just so wanting to help that he didn’t even mean to take Stiles’s pain #like they imply this is something you have to focus on #but Scott McCall just wants to make everything okay for his friend that he doesn’t even have the intent to take his pain but does on accident #and that is why anyone who argues Scott McCall does not care about his friends is utterly full of shit (via scotsbetaliam)

#but why does no one ever talk about the way stiles shakes scotts hand off#i always see people talking about scott in this scene but no one ever talks about stiles#no one talks about how stiles never said he was in pain#he was in pain as soon as they brought him back probably but he never said a word#he didn’t tell scott cause he doesn’t want scott to know because he knows what scott will want to do#he’ll want to take some of his pain to make it easier on stiles#and he’s right about that because that’s the first thing scott tries to do#but stiles doesn’t want him to take it#because stiles knows what happened the last time scott took pain away from peopl#the nogitsune targeted him and hurt him#it targeted his best friend and hurt him#because of the pain scott took he got hurt#and so he lies to scott and doesn’t tell him he’s in pain#but when scott realizes and tries to help him stiles shakes him off#it’s subtle but he shakes him off the second scott starts trying to take it#because he refuses to let it happen again#he doesn’t want his best friend hurt again because of him (via truegriefbeard)


Dylan getting annoyed with the interviewer